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Where’s Wallis? Glamping in Gundagai

A desire to escape and switch off from our busy lives, whilst retaining the comforts and luxuries of home has led to a meteoric rise in the popularity of ‘glamping’. Some recent glamps and weekend escapes that I’ve come across in Australia and NZ: Bubbletents: transparent tents set over the world’s second largest canyon at […]

Where’s Wallis? Top 10 Australian Experiences

I’m now 2 years into my Australian adventures, far longer than I planned to stay, and there are still so many place to explore. Green = visited, Red = to see: Many people’s perception is that Australia is filled with deadly animals and is “only beaches”. Whilst the dangerous beasts are out there, I haven’t encountered […]

Where’s Wallis? Glamping in The Grampians

If you’ve never been to The Grampians before….go!! Whether you live in Australia, or are just visiting, they are an amazing place to spend the weekend! A 3 hour drive from Melbourne or 5 hours from Adelaide.

Where’s Wallis? Werribee, Melbourne, VIC

There’s another name for a weekend ‘break’ at the home of a friend who’s about to do an ironman…it’s called a training camp!

Where’s Wallis? Marvellous Melbourne

The Sydney – Melbourne rivalry equates to that of the North – South divide in the UK. Both sides convinced that theirs is the best.