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Where’s Wallis? Diving on the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns

The company: Quicksilver Group – Silverswift Series Tour The cost: $314.50 ($250 after using discount voucher in Ironman Cairns race pack) The reefs: Flynn Reef and Coral Garden The trip: 8.30am departure Cairns Reef Fleet Ferry Terminal 1.5 hour journey to the ‘Outer Reef’ (featuring lots of vomit :O ) 3 x 45 minute dives at […]

Where’s Wallis? Top 10 Australian Experiences

I’m now 2 years into my Australian adventures, far longer than I planned to stay, and there are still so many place to explore. Green = visited, Red = to see: Many people’s perception is that Australia is filled with deadly animals and is “only beaches”. Whilst the dangerous beasts are out there, I haven’t encountered […]

Where’s Wallis? Clapping in Cairns, QLD

The ‘sunshine state’ of QLD was not especially sunny for my visit last weekend.

Where’s Wallis? The Whitsundays, Australia

Spending 3 days on the ‘high seas’ around the Whitsunday Islands has given me a new found respect for my sailing sister…

Where’s Wallis? Cairns and Port Douglas, Australia

I almost didn’t go to Cairns. 

Where’s Wallis? East Coast Exploring (II)

The publication of this blog has been expedited (at the expense of my beauty sleep) by a concerned message from my sister demanding that I share the second half of the story…

Where’s Wallis? East Coast Exploring (I)

A week of triathlons, the great-outdoors, road-trips (and breakdowns!), birthdays, the Hinterlands, city breaks, and…the zooooo!!