Where’s Wallis? Jump-shots of the world….

After a wonderful day at the spectacular Fraser Island UNESCO world heritage site today, I have added yet another jump-shot to my collection.

I therefore thought it was time for a little exhibit of my favourites, spanning 4 continents. The consistent theme being my ridiculous jump expression, and my sunglasses!

Sadly many places I have been have missed out on the jump-shot hall of fame due to travelling solo and either:

  • not having the guts to ask strangers;
  • when I did have the guts…their incompetence with an iPhone;
  • the incompatibility of the selfie stick with the jump-shot/water.

In no particular order…chronological? temperature? toned-ness? you decide 🙂

Lake McKenzie, Fraser Island, Australia (May 15)


Tikal, Guatemala (Dec 14)


Cayo Zapatilla, Bocas del Toro, Panama (Nov 14)


Vang Vieng, Laos (Aug 10)


‘The Fishpond’, Husavik, Iceland (Aug 14)


The Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA (Jan 15)


Gili Air, Gili Islands, Indonesia (Mar 15)

Gili Islands, Indonesia (Apr 15)


And a few from home:

The Serpentine, London, England (Jun 14)

Featuring my ‘jump-spiration’: Miss Hattie Fowler

Oxford, England (Aug 14)


Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London (Mar 14)

There she is again!
There she is again!


AND the outtakes…Panama City, Panama (Nov 14):


Full post on my week of East Coast adventures to follow next week! x

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