Hello, and goodbye!

Hi, I’m Caitlin, and next week I’m setting off for a big adventure.

I’ll be leaving the UK on 4th November and spending 2 and a half months travelling to Cuba, Central America, California, Fiji and New Zealand, before ending up in Sydney where I’m planning to live for a few months.

Of the places I’m going to I’ve only ever been to Costa Rica before, so I really can’t wait for the new experiences I’m going to have.

I’m largely travelling alone, but am going to be joined by friends in Central America and California, which I think will be a great balance.

First stop Cuba is by myself though, and from what I’ve heard and read it’s completely unique. I think it might be a challenging place to travel at times, especially for my first stop (perhaps made more so by the fact I only downloaded my ‘Duolingo‘ Spanish lessons ap yesterday!) but it will provide a huge contrast to the life I’ve left behind, and really help it sink in that ‘I’m actually off’!

I wanted to write this blog for 3 reasons:

1) To keep family and friends up to date with my travels without having to copy-paste the same text from an e-mail once a week and change the ‘To’ line;

2) To have a record of my experiences for myself to look back on; and

3) Hopefully to be able to provide some recommendations and guidance to others who visit places after me.

On 1, I’m just joking guys, but in seriousness I am conscious that I want to immerse myself properly in the places that I go, rather than either constantly planning the next stage of my trip or thinking about life back home (read: aimlessly scrolling facebook and instagram!) … The lucky few may get a postcard 😉

I am writing this on a Sunday night, before starting my final week of work before my sabbatical. I anticipate that this week will be a hectic one, wrapping things up at work and trying to see as many people as I can before I leave, buying all the things I’ve forgotten for my trip (whilst also trying to minimise the amount of stuff I take…I already hate my rucksack with a passion and I haven’t even set off!)

So I’m making the most of this Sunday evening to relax and gather my thoughts before the madness commences. The clocks have gone back and cycling through Hyde Park this evening it felt like Autumn’s truly arrived in London. I’m going to miss England and friends here so much, and I can’t bear to think about the bonfire nights and mulled wine I’m going to miss out on in the coming weeks, but I also can’t wait for what lies ahead.


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