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Where’s Wallis? The Gili Islands, Indonesia

Indonesian ferries have a notoriously bad safety record, so I was apprehensive about the 30 minute boat ride from Lombok to Gili T.  Advertisements

Where’s Wallis? Climbing mount Rinjani, Lombok, Indonesia

The Lonely Planet says that climbing mount Rinjani is no easy feat. My friends, I can tell you first hand that they speak the truth.

Where’s Wallis? Bali, Indonesia

Although the flight from Sydney to Bali is just under 6 hours, I ended up being awake well over 24 hours on Tuesday. 

Where’s Wallis? Hunter Valley, Australia

If you’ve been following my travels from the start then you’ll recall a few trips to wine regions around the world: Napa Valley in California and Waiheke in New Zealand. Last weekend I added Hunter Valley, Australia to the list.