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Where’s Wallis? 48 hours in Bangkok

We stopped over in Bangkok to break up the Sydney – London journey, and to see my one of my oldest friends, Roseanna, who now lives there. Advertisements

Where’s Wallis? Hanoi and Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Most people staying in Hanoi are using it as a base point before going on a tour to Sapa (trekking) or Ha Long Bay. We were doing the latter.

Where’s Wallis? Hoi An, Vietnam

“Hoi An is amazing”…”Hoi An is so lovely”…”Hoi An was my favourite”…”You HAVE to go to Hoi An”

Where’s Wallis? Ho Chi Mihn City, Vietnam

Our 2 days and nights in HCMC were non-stop! In fact the whole trip to Vietnam was a bit of a whirlwind with 2 nights in Ho Chi Mihn,  3 in Hoi An, and 3 in Hanoi and Ha Long Bay.

Where’s Wallis? The Gili Islands, Indonesia

Indonesian ferries have a notoriously bad safety record, so I was apprehensive about the 30 minute boat ride from Lombok to Gili T. 

Where’s Wallis? Climbing mount Rinjani, Lombok, Indonesia

The Lonely Planet says that climbing mount Rinjani is no easy feat. My friends, I can tell you first hand that they speak the truth.

Where’s Wallis? Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia 

After a quick 3hr flight from Bali we arrived in KL bright and early with the whole day ahead of us.