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Where’s Wallis? Tikal, Guatemala

The 10 hour bus up north to Flores was surprisingly bearable. Advertisements

Where’s Wallis? Semuc Champey, Guatemala

Despite my lack of dorm-stays, I think I have earnt some travelling points for the number of hours spent on buses…

Where’s Wallis? Antigua and Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

I love Guatemala.

Where’s Wallis? In four countries in one day

Nelson was a bit of a hero…

Where’s Wallis? Leon, Nicaragua

I see travel time in Central America sort of like cooking a turkey…

Where’s Wallis? Granada, Nicaragua

Arriving in Granada I was transported back to the start of my trip and the colonial architecture of Cuba.

Where’s Wallis? Isle De Ometepe, Nicaragua

Ometepe was wonderful. By far the most peaceful place I’ve been so far.